Welcome to Urban Burn – The Divine Dynamis!

12-15 of April 2018 at Nobelberget, Stockholm.


Urban Burn Stockholm 2018 is the very bare bones version of a participatory festival, inspired by Burning Man. By buying a ticket, all you get is access to an empty room. If no one comes along and creates something, it will stay empty for the duration of the event. Everything, including security, ticketing, fire safety and even this Facebook event, is created by all of us. This is an experiment in creative freedom and participation, conceived, built, experienced and returned by nothing but its participants. Urban Burn is a non-profit event with no consumers, only co-creators. We start with 2000 sqm of empty open indoor space, we fill it with art, installations, love and awesomeness and then we empty it again. It’s magic, created by our communal effort and imagination.

There are no limits to our imagination at Urban Burn. The project could be an open stage for improvised performances, a silent meditation area, an interactive art project, a table and a couple of chairs to drink tea with a stranger, or a giant piano to walk on. It will be anything we want it to be.
Once all the projects will be installed, Urban Burn will culminate in two days of awesome celebrations, with a party aimed at enjoying the art, the beauty, the energy, and the music born by our magic encounter. The last day, following the LNT (Leave No Trace) policy, the place will be cleaned by the participants and left as we found it. The only permanent change will happen within each one of us.

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You can find more information about tickets here.

Add your project ideas to the dream platform to get help and funding for your project. You can also have a look at the existing dreams and help the creators to realize their dream! Dream application deadline is 18th of March.


Urban Burn is completely created by the participants, and that is also the case for this website. Below you will find the login to add information, change the font to comic sans or add pretty pictures.

Username: ub2018    password: artscience