Meeting summary

Here is a summary of the meeting from last nights planning gathering. Please comment if you can answer some of the unanswered questions/help out with a mission/have furter suggestions 

Meeting 9/2

– Talk to friends and funny hats on the subway
– Budget for facebook spons (how much and when?)
– poster on the node (Molly)
– Spread info in personal channels on fb
– Burn bar at the node (mix with friday free flow?)
– Link to good quality poster picture for personal printing (talk to the artist, who can do it?)
– You tube movie/trailer (is there and old one?)

Check if its possible to clean off old irrelevant # (who is in charge of the UB slack channel? – who can find out and ask?)

Outreach – a dream platform – who can make it? (Kristoffer)
Website – who can make one? (Kalle)
Outreach – Engage all burners to help

Make it easy to find all the information you need (slack, main goog doc, website..)


/Molly Sjöberg


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