Now what? How do I get involved?

Weekly meetings at The Node in Sickla

Starting Jan 26, we are organizing weekly work meet-ups at “The Node” on Nobelberget, just next to the main hall where the event will be. Anyone is free to come join there.

You can find info about the next upcoming meetups here:

Meetings will be every other Friday at the Node.

Dream platform

Do you have a vision of a project to create or want to help someone else? Create a dream on the dream platform to be able to apply for art grants, and tell people if you need help with anything. The deadline for dream application is 18th of March.

Online platforms

Have a question or wanna help? Join Slack, our main communication channel and find the appropriate #channel for your topic or start of with a confused post in #general

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Website slack channel: #website2018

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Master spreadsheet

The master spreadsheet is a common document that anyone can edit. The point is to collect general information in the same place that is easy to edit and access. In the magic Master you can find information like budget, couch surfing, LNT and info, contact people of key roles and theme camps.
Master spreadsheet




Urban Burn is completely created by the participants, and that is also the case for this website. Below you will find the login to add information, change the font to comic sans or add pretty pictures.

Username: ub2018    password: artscience